I really enjoyed the aquanatal classes. There was a very good atmosphere and very precise and easy to follow instructions, not only on positions, but also on breathing. Altogether – always made me feel invigorated

The sessions are a great mixture of relaxation, exercise and are surprisingly fun. Being in the water gives you the support and freedom to do so much more when pregnant and Michelle is such an attentive and imaginative teacher that no two classes are the same. I particularly enjoyed the gliding and breathing exercises which help you to stay calm and focused, something that will be invaluable when the birth comes.

Hi Michelle,
I just wanted to let you know that I had a beautiful baby girl called Megan June Banyard on 10th June. She was 6ib 12oz. I had a normal delivery which took 6 hours so was really lucky. I think the thing that helped me most was remembering to breathe out and not clench my jaw. Push and glide near the end definitely helped with pushing, as it gave me the extra breath I needed. Everything else pretty much went out of the window as my body just took over!
Send my best wishes to everyone. I'm really keen to come to post natal and baby massage so hope to see you then.

Maria and Megan x

Aquanatal has helped me at every stage of my pregnancy, from 15 weeks right through until the end. As an expectant mum, being in the water is the most wonderful feeling, and I’ve learned some invaluable techniques and movements that both help your body as you grow and stand you in good stead for labour. It’s a real feel-good class – we laugh in every session and I’ve enjoyed the sense of a shared experience with the other mums-to-be, and we’ve all made some new friends along the way.