Aqua natal yoga is a wonderful way to prepare for the birth of your baby combining the benefits of both yoga and swimming. Aqua natal yoga provides a safe and gentle way to keep fit during your pregnancy as well as providing relaxation. As pregnancy develops it can be difficult to perform certain yoga poses, but in the water it is made possible to lie on the front or back to achieve certain stretches. Aqua yoga for pregnancy classes also involve breathing techniques that can help with both the emotional and physical side of labour.

The Physical Benefits of Aqua Natal Yoga

  • Increases blood flow to and opens the pelvis.
  • Helps to keep the spine in optimal alignment preventing and easing backache.
  • Keeps the spine and joints flexible.
  • Strengthens muscles with low impact.
  • Promotes hormonal balance.
  • Oxygen supply increases to correspond with the increase in blood volume.

The Emotional Benefits of Aqua Natal Yoga

  • Positivity is encouraged thus easing anxiety and fears.
  • Tension is released and calmness and relaxation is promoted.
  • It is fun!

An aqua natal yoga class consists of: yoga poses that are adapted to water and also suitable for those who may be suffering from SPD; modified swimming strokes and glides that are safe for your back as well as accommodate your growing baby (buoyancy aids are provided); yoga breathing to assist you through pregnancy, labour and postnatally; and relaxation enabling you to connect further with your developing child – you are surrounded by water just like your growing baby.

This class is suitable from conception until birth. Non swimmers welcome./p>

Places are limited to 8 women per class, payable in 5-week blocks and therefore booking in advance is essential. Classes run on Tuesdays from 5.30pm – 6.15pm at Mangreen Farm.

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