A bit of exercise for Mummy, learning to play with more confidence with your baby and some chill out time too – a great way to spend an hour! I really enjoyed this class, it was another opportunity to get out and meet other mums, but best of all a fun way to learn new songs, and great ways to play with your baby with confidence – dangling your baby from their ankles for the first time is a strange experience but it makes you feel far more relaxed knowing they are more robust than you think, and they love it! Plus always good to sneak in a bit of exercise for mum too! Would fully recommend.
Penny with Amelia

I've noticed a great difference in my strength and confidence with physical play with Ben after just a few weeks of baby yoga. Ben loves it too and his favourite game at the moment is getting his toes in his mouth – something he couldn't do before baby yoga!
Debbie with Ben

We really loved the baby yoga sessions, it helped me learn some new nursery rhymes, meet some other mums and taught me how to incorporate some yoga moves whilst keeping Rose entertained! We would recommend them to any young baby and mum or dad.
Vic with Rose

Great to learn yoga with my baby girl and to be so easily accepted in such a friendly group. An activity all dads should try.
Matt – Laurence’s husband and Holly’s dad

Hi Michelle
I just wanted to email you to say a big thank you.
I thought that myself and Jessica would return to baby yoga next week but my work circumstances have changed. Over the past 2 courses we have learnt a lot and Jessica is now a lot calmer and allows me to massage cream into her before bed with the help of the massage techniques you taught.
The positions that we have learnt make her giggle, and I have been complimented on how I don't mollycoddle her and am prepared to put her upside down, etc. Not to mention the repertoire of songs that kept her going whilst stuck in 4 hrs of traffic the other day.
So again thank you very much and I wish you all the best with the classes. Hopefully when we decide to have another, you will still be doing classes.

Kind regards, Sara

Debbie and Ben practising at home!