The first few months with your new, cherished baby are so valuable and irreplaceable.  Baby yoga classes are an enjoyable way to strengthen the bond between a baby and parents or carers in a relaxed, calm and happy environment.  There are poses to strengthen muscles as well as retain flexibility.  Using various moves your baby’s co-ordination and balance is improved and therefore the classes aid babies to pass through the stages of sitting, crawling and standing.

Regular yoga practice with your baby can stimulate each system and sense of the body. For example, baby yoga can help to relieve wind and colic thus aiding digestion; through songs and actions your baby’s sense of hearing and development of language will be enhanced – their brain and nervous system develops; baby yoga classes can help to soothe a fractious baby and there is a relaxation session at the end of the class for you and your baby to enjoy together – helping a tired parent to re-energise as well as encouraging a baby to develop a sound sleep pattern, and also helping your baby to learn valuable relaxation skills that will equip them well for the rest of their lives.

The classes are fun and hand outs are provided giving you reminders of the songs and actions so that you can practise the techniques with confidence at home if you want to, increasing your baby’s physical and mental abilities as well as getting back into shape yourself.

If you have had your 6 week check and your baby isn’t crawling yet than why not give it a try? Come along and see the results for yourself!  Dads welcome too.  Refreshments are provided allowing you some time to socialise and have a chat with other parents. Private classes are available on request.

Classes run in 6-week blocks. Booking Essential.

Debbie and Ben practising at home!