Would you like to become a yoga teacher? Or just delve deeper into yoga teachings? If you are interested and you have been attending regular yoga classes for one year or more with a qualified teacher then please contact Michelle on 01603 632610, or email her at yogawithmichelle@gmail.com

The FRYOG (Friends of Yoga) yoga teacher training course lasts two years on one day of a weekend each month, for ten months each year. It is a comprehensive course and as well as learning how to teach postures and yoga breathing (pranayama), we also study yoga literature such as The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads.

An essay will be required most months and the course concludes with a practical assessment. The course is limited to only ten places per group to allow for in-depth tutoring.

Year One: Foundation Course

This one-year course is aimed at people who have discovered the benefits of regular yoga classes and wish to learn more about the spiritual and theoretical side of yoga. In the event that you want to become a yoga teacher, this course goes towards your teaching qualification. On successful completion of this one-year foundation course a certificate is awarded in its own right. The focus of this course is mostly on yoga philosophy and includes the ancient teachings of Patanjali as well as energy bodies or Chakras, and mantra and yantra (sacred sounds and symbols).

There is a requirement of nine essays to be written over the course of the year which will be externally assessed. This coursework will enable you to broaden and deepen your understanding of the core tenets of the philosophy of yoga.

Following certification there is the option to continue to become a fully-qualified yoga teacher by continuing to year two. If you choose not to continue immediately you are given the opportunity to postpone until a later date.

Year Two

The second year is aimed at those who have completed the foundation year and wish to go on and gain their full teaching qualification. This year builds upon learning from year one and there are opportunities to practise teaching your peers. A further six essays are required for assessment during year two and there will also be a practical assessment. On successful completion of both assessments you will gain a full qualification as a Friends of Yoga (International) yoga teacher.

Year Three (optional)

During this year you are able to add to your teaching experience and look more closely at your teaching methods. The three-year course takes your learning from 200 hours as on the two-year course, to an extended 500-hour course.

For more information please contact Michelle.

The Friends of Yoga Society is recognised internationally and was founded in 1972 by Wilfred Clark.

After teaching yoga for thirty-eight years, and training eighty yoga teachers, I am delighted to cast a fond eye over new Tutors. I am so impressed with Michelle Busuttil and with her Teacher Training Course. Michelle has a rare and beautiful talent for explaining the history and philosophy of the ancient art of yoga. She teaches from the heart, and offers student teachers an opportunity for a once in a life-time journey. The two-year course is truly a time for Self-Discovery, as well as a wonderful career opportunity. If spreading the tools and techniques of yoga to create peace and harmony on our planet enthuses you, do contact Michelle.

Carole Kerton, retired Chairman of the Friends of Yoga Society (FRYOG) International

The tutor training course is a wonderful way to deepen your knowledge of yoga and meet like-minded people who will become your friends for life. Michelle creates a delightfully relaxed and informal learning environment in which she passionately shares her extensive knowledge of the subject. The perfect topic, the perfect teacher and the perfect course!