Post natal aqua yoga is an ideal form of exercise to undertake following the birth of your baby. It is essential to realign the spine and close the body again once your baby has been born. Post natal aqua yoga is the best possible way to tone and strengthen the body including those ever important pelvic floor muscles. The perineum responds well to a water environment.

The classes involve adapted yoga postures, twists and rolls that help you to regain your figure and find your waistline again! The poses also help to keep hips supple. Deep breathing techniques and pelvic floor work are also greatly encouraged.

If you wish to bring your baby with you to class we can do a few postures with your babies in the water and you can also spend some time doing some joint relaxation with your baby enabling them to feel comfortable in the water environment whilst safe in your arms. However, some people may wish to come to class on their own to experience some ‘me time’.

Benefits include: Strengthens the spinal muscles, re-knitting and toning the deep abdominal muscles; closes the hips after birth, heals and tones the pelvic floor to retain full control; gives a general feeling of wellbeing; strengthens the bond between you and your baby.