I love Michelle’s classes, because I always leave feeling refreshed and nurtured. She has a really gentle nature, but at the same time encourages me to challenge myself. I love the long meditations at the end of each class – these seem to be really different from the 5 mins of meditation at the end of most yoga classes. She makes us laugh too – I like having a sense of humour with yoga. I can be a perfectionist by nature, and the humour helps me not to take myself so seriously.

I have been taught by five different yoga teachers in my time and I can honestly say that Michelle is the best; she has so much knowledge in this field yet she remains a very approachable and sensitive teacher. There is a relaxed atmosphere in her classes, which are really enjoyable and, as well as improving my fitness, I have made many good friends through the class and have enjoyed the way we socialise out of class. Thanks Michelle.

I am in my seventies and suffer from arthritis. Michelle is really good and encouraging and manages to get even an old crock like me into all kinds of postures. It really helps keep me limber and strong. I eagerly look forward to my evening classes and enjoy such wonderfully peaceful sleep afterwards.

I joined Michelle’s classes in 2001. I have been amazed at the progress I have made. I love the classes. My stress levels have plummeted and I feel I am altogether a much healthier person than I was at the start. Thanks Michelle!

I started attending Michelle’s yoga classes to help ease my back problems. While I would not say I’m ‘cured’ I can recommend yoga as a complete system that has enabled me to take control of how my back behaves. There have been unexpected and very welcome bonuses, too. I have met some great people and I am now stronger, fitter, more supple and relaxed than I have been for years. Thanks Michelle.